Find the deodorant that will finally make you cease sweating.

In order to find the best deodorant for men, you need to figure out first what sort of anti-sweat product you actually need, and there are a lot of options. For example, antiperspirants are able to put an end to all of the naturally occurring body sweat, while deodorants are pretty strong at nicely helping you to get rid of the disturbing scents of the body toxins emerging out of the wet skin.

With the review below, we are going to hopefully aid you with your problem, by offering you some viable choices you could start with.

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^ Personal recommendations that helped me through my journey

#1: Old Spice Fresh Collection Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Invisible SolidThis product claims to bring the smell of freshness, sunshine, palm trees and even freedom right to your armpit area. So, if you are struggling to find a more exotic fragrance which could definitely turn a few heads around, this one might be it. It is both an antiperspirant and a deodorant, which means that you are not only going to smell nice, but you are also going to be able to prevent body sweat from showing its ugly rear.buy now

#2: Degree Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Invisible Solid Cool Rush

This invisible solid antiperspirant also plays the role of a deodorant; hence you are going to enjoy the 2-in-1 powerful double action. Your own body heat is going to be the one to easily activate this product which contains aluminum in the shape of aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex. The good news is that, even though it might not contain a lot of natural ingredients, this product can do a great job at reducing underarm wetness.

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#3: Speed Stick Deodorant

This product is yet another one to be considered the leading deodorants for men, after it has been on the market for years and has proven its effectiveness time and time again. The powerful odor protection is going to last through the entire day, and the clear masculine scent which characterizes this product featuring a patented guard applicator is designed for extra comfort and control comes to better speak of this amazing deodorant.

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#4: Armani Code by Giorgio Armani

If you are a big fan of Giorgio Armani, you should definitely consider this amazing deodorant as the year’s most amazing. This deodorant was launched by the Giorgio Armani design house back in 2004, but it continues to create a lot of fuss on the market. Thanks to its powerful and impressively manly odor which derives from a combo made of apple, citrus, lavender, woods and cumin, you are more than welcome to test the Armani Code.

buy now#5: Nivea deodorants – click to read a review


The use of deodorants and antiperspirants is never a matter of “if”, but rather a matter of “must”. While women have a far wider palette of choices when it comes to deodorants and antiperspirants they can use in order to smell divine all day long, the same cannot truly be said about men. But do not get us wrong, the market is still saturated by such products intended for the strong sex.

The scent of a deodorant for men is of course a matter of personal taste, but you could probably use a couple of hints, so follow the review below of our choices for the best smelling deodorant for men, and maybe you will find the one which suits your needs best.

#1: Paco Rabanne for Men DeodorantThis classic deodorant is a result of the 1973 launch by the Paco Rabanne house of design. The exquisiteness of this very special deodorant stands in its fragrance, which is a rich and spicy mix that creates an exciting manly blend. Intended for casual wear, this product could definitely represent the best smelling deodorant for men who want to keep perspiration away.buy now
#2: L’Occitane Baux Pour HommeIf you are searching for a deodorant which smells divine and does not contain any traces of alcohol, than this might be it for you. The 2.6 ounces stick deodorant is intended for all skin types and it is based on the stick application technology.It features the classic L’Occitane fragrance which is going to quickly dry and remain fixed on your skin right after a shower, when it is best for the deodorant to be applied.Body odors will not represent an issue for you any longer, as you are going to enjoy the formula which blocks the formation and the development of the bacteria responsible for these repulsive odors. Eau de Baux is the name of the special fragrance combining mellow incense and fresh cypress. Another huge plus of this deodorant is derived from the fact that it does not contain any harmful parabensor aluminum salts.

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#3: Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein for Men DeodorantIf you are searching for an amazing Calvin Klein fragrance as your new best smelling deodorant for men, the fragrance of chilled sudachi, cedar leaf, patchouli and Brazilian redwood could certainly satisfy your needs. Check out this 2.6 ounce deodorant and see if you are all about the Calvin Klein experience or not.buy now
#4: Davidoff Cool Water Extremely Mild Deodorant StickThis Davidoff deodorant smells like lavender and jasmine, and the discreet scent of musk and sandalwood make it perfect for daywear.buy now
#5: Old Spice Fresh Collection Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Invisible SolidThis product promises to offer long lasting freshness throughout an entire day, featuring fragrances which remind men of palm trees, sunshine and freedom. It is quite powerful and long-lasting, hence it should satisfy your needs no matter how hard working or physically active you might be.Men who usually suffer from irritations or rashes should avoid the use of this product, as it contains aluminum and alcohol.buy now
#6: Degree Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Invisible Solid Cool RushAn invisible antiperspirant and deodorant stick which uses the heat of the body in order to activate itself. It is capable of significantly reduce underarm wetness. The product also has a pleasant fragrance.buy now
#7: Degree for Men Anti-perspirant & Deodorant Absolute Protection Invisible Solid V12This V12 special edition based on body responsiveness product claims to be able to maintain the armpits dry for longer periods of time as compared to similar products. Its fragrance is also long-lasting and does not tend to get mixed up with the perspiration scent which is specific at the end of some intense workout routines, for instance.buy now
#8: AXE DRY Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Invisible Solid KiloA wonderful invisible antiperspirant and deodorant stick, which is able to keep the armpits dry and smell good all day and all night. The amazing scent of this product definitely aids it rank real high on the chart of the best antiperspirant deodorants for men.buy now

Aluminium free

Men and women may have slightly different beauty and health care habits, but when it comes to hygiene and smelling good, they basically all want the same; this is when the rather controversial topic of using aluminum-based deodorants come into the picture.

First and most important fact you need to know, is that as tempted as you might feel to use deodorants that are known to completely or almost completely block the body sweat from occurring naturally, this is not exactly something that you should embrace.

The best aluminum free deodorant for men is the one that incorporates essential oils and some great natural ingredients such as aloe vera, for example, which could add just the touch of fragrance that a man’s body requires. Aluminum is one of the most harmful substances, and is currently high on debate right now, so protecting your body against similar toxins by avoiding it, is definitely one way to handle your health.

#1: MenScience Advanced DeodorantThis powerful aluminum free deodorant has the ability to completely eliminate odors instead of superficially masking them or unnaturally blocking body sweat with the aid of the harmful aluminum component. Without leaving any stains, the absorption of the use of this deodorant is going to be completed on an almost instant basis.Also, no irritation and no risk of experiencing any allergies are additional reasons why this product is an excellent choice.It contains tea tree extract and micro zeolites and it is completely unscented. Lastly, it has been tested by professional athletes and got remarkable results.buy now
#2: Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus DeodorantThis product is an all-natural, aluminum free deodorant, which is quite refreshing for men who need to feel and smell fresh for at least 24 hours. This special deodorant contains eucalyptus, which is known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. The use of this deodorant will quickly absorb inside the skin, it is residue-free, and its fragrance is simply divine.buy now

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